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During 2023, the INFOHOUSE Foundation continued to work on projects and activities that promote human rights and their implementation at all levels of the state and society, in accordance with its goals.This year, we supported women victims of violence throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina in achieving economic independence, as a key element in the fight against domestic violence.

Despite all the challenges, we can say that we continued in the direction of what we have been doing up until now: exposing cases of corruption and promoting the fight against corruption through research articles on our portal, working with young people, protecting and promoting women’s rights, working on the topic immunization of children, and supported state institutions in the direction of examining the satisfaction of their users in order to improve their work towards more transparent and responsible work.

The INFOHOUSE Foundation is dedicated to strengthening civil society organizations that promote the protection of human rights, and through its activities, it strives to influence positive democratic changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.